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NextGenesis is an attempt to break through barriers, by co-creating environments that facilitate realizations, clarity, and personal breakthroughs. ​

Goal Awareness and Progress Workshop

Thursday, December 6th 1:00 - 3;30PM

Location: Clay Studio Coffee in the Garden, Chiang Mai

Are you living life to your fullest potential? Are you aware of your values, goals, and the progress towards them? This free event will allow you to open your eyes, and look inwards towards yourself. After you leave this event, you will have an action plan on paper that will transform long term goals into short term actions, and a plan that will facilitate positive change in your life.

Event Objectives

Work through an exercise to determine your subconscious values

Become aware of your goals

Connect your goals to your subconscious values

Break up long-term goals into short-term actions

Create an action plan to help you immediately get motivated

Create a motivation system to encourage inspiration

Ask questions

Additional Notes

◘ Bring a pen, and something to write on (paper, notebook, etc.)

◘ Please support the cafe by purchasing a drink or snack

◘ Please try to arrive on time

◘ I appreciate all feedback, on the materials, presentation, or anything else