Co-creating deeper explorations


NextGenesis is an attempt to break through barriers, by co-creating environments that facilitate realizations, clarity, and personal breakthroughs. ​


We believe that when a group of people come together with pure intentions, magic happens. NextGenesis is an experiment to try to create some of that magic, together. ​


Feel free to join any experiences that speak to you.

Goal Awareness and Conscious Progress

Thursday, December 6th 2018 1:00 - 3:00PM

Location: Clay Studio Coffee in the Garden, Chiang Mai, Thailand

It's hard to realize your goals, and actually follow through with them. How many of you have similar goals, year after year, without getting any closer? Together, we will explore a methodology to come up with our personal values, our goals, how they work together, and will continue to break up goals into small daily actions, and stay aware of our progress. There is no cost to attend and learn.

Conversation Circle: Location and Identity

Traditionally, people have gotten an immense amount of identity from the location where they live, and the work that they do. This is becoming less relevant today, where people bounce around the world, while living non-traditional lives. If you struggle with a sense of relating to a label or identity, or find yourself relating to a wide variety of labels and identities, join us in this conversation.

Advice and Support Circle

This event will be an honest advice circle, and the goal is to bring our collective hearts and minds together to come up with advice for a wide range of questions, problems, curiosities, or areas of growth. This is a chance to bring your brave selves, and share anything with the group, in return for receiving advice and feedback from anyone willing to give this. 

Deeper Connections through Questions

NextGenesis is facilitating a space in which you can deeply connect with others through questions that fall under three categories: Curious, Brave, and Vulnerable. Come with an open mind, learn more about each other, and share the experiences that shape you. This is not a networking event, but a deep connection event.