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               Rome is one of those cities with AMAZING food, AMAZING architecture, AMAZING hostels, and fair prices that all come together to create this must-see city! Consider taking a night stroll near The Colosseum and Vatican City for stunning views, since the Italians do a great job lighting up their monuments and buildings to look spectacular in the dark.

Rome Street

What to do:


                Walk, walk, walk! Rome is a nice and walkable city, and you can most likely walk from point A to point B in under 30 minutes. There’s alot to see in this historic city, but you can fit it all in under 3 days if you explore all day. One of my favourite things to do while travelling is walking around and discovering the sights in the late night, around 2/3/4am. Rome is the best city for a night walk, because all the monuments are lit up in a way that makes them look grand. Obviously you have to go to The Colosseum, but there’s alot more to see around that area. If I was to list every building that I liked, this list would take up the whole page. Walk around and EVERYTHING around you looks absolutely gorgeous. Also the people are beautiful, and people here take fashion to a next level. I stayed in Rome for only 3 days, but I had gelato an upwards of 10 times! Grom is my favourite place to get gelato, and words can’t describe how fresh and tasty that gelato is. I’m salivating just thinking about it! My favourite parts of Rome have to be The Vatican City (technically it’s own country and not a part of Rome), The Spanish Steps (and surrounding area) , and the Roman Forum. Walking around you’ll notice there’s lots of street musicians playing all types of music with different instruments, and the talent here is among the best you’ll find on the streets anywhere. The atmposphere I felt on the streets is enough to have me itching to come back!

Colloseum Rome
Vatican City at Night
Vatican City at Night

Where to stay:


                The Yellow the greatest hostel I could have asked for in Rome, easily among my top 3 favourite hostels. When I arrived here at midnight, I walked into a huge lively bar with good prices, lots of drunk travellers, and an amazing vibe. Within minutes of arriving, I heard someone say ‘Canada’ we immediately became friends. Comfortable beds, lively atmosphere, great location near lots of good cheap (but delicious) food and gelato, and within a walking distance from most of the sights. This hostel consists of 4 neighbouring buildings, and the main building and bar connects travellers from all around, meaning that the atmosphere is unbeatable. I met lots of people staying at other nearby hostels as well, since the bar is open to everyone. If this hostel is booked up, I recommend booking a nearby hostel and coming here at nights. If you aren’t in the mood for a bar, there’s a social kitchen, a chill-out area, and a live club in the basement of the bar. There’s always something going on here. During the day there are activities and free walking tours organized. My experience in Rome wouldn’t be the same without this hostel. If you’re a solo backpacker, definitely stay here or as close to here as possible.

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