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Hello World

August 3, 2017


You see that building there in the bottom left corner? That's where I am right now, The Juniper Hotel, a wonderful little boutique hotel in the heart of the rockies.


I realized that writing and keeping a blog/collection of memories would be so beneficial to recall my memories, and also become aware and relive my old great memories. So here is a start of my personal journal, full of stories/experiences/pictures/ideas/projects/etc. It's also a great way to keep in touch and share my experiences with you, friends and travellers. 


I think I live quite an exciting life, jumping around the world and working/living in different cities. After spending 17 years living in Toronto, I moved to Winnipeg for 2 months and worked for a french-speaking tourism board (Tourisme Riel), where I helped mostly french speaking tourists navigate Winnipeg. I had an amazing experience in Winnipeg, and made lots of diverse friends, lived a bilingual life, and lived in the heart of a community close to a river, and a central downtown core. I capped off my Manitoba experience with attending the Winnipeg Folk Fest, which was the most amazing way to end an amazing trip, and I have only great memories being free spirited and open at a 5 day hippie camping festival.

After Toronto and Winnipeg, I decided to come live in Banff for a few months, a sharp contrast from living in big cities my whole life. I've been here for about 3 weeks now, and truly love it. I live surrounded by mountains, on the base of a mountain elevated from town with unbelievable views of the mountains, for example this sunrise taken from the Juniper patio.


 While I do love living in such a beautiful natural environment, I do feel that my creative and entrepreneurial side is suffering. I'm not necessarily in a big rush to figure everything out, however I feel that my productivity levels were at an all time high in Toronto, and have been deteriorating since. I need to sit down and think about what my next step should be. Working visa to Australia, New Zealand, go straight to Chiang Mai, be back in Toronto from Oct-Dec and then go? So many options, the whole world seems accessible to me, however it's making the right decision.


I am also becoming highly interested in Minimalism. I feel like I already live a relatively minimalistic life, being able to fit most of my possessions in a single suitcase, however things clutter and choke my room here. I also don't have a great storage solution, therefore so much THINGS are visible around me. I hope to try to stuff my luggage with things I won't necessarily need in the short term. The stuff that will be left will be my key and favourite items.


Tomorrow I am meeting Aviv, an Israeli guy I met in Banff who shares a similar mentality and thirst of adventure as me. I let him borrow my bike, and he said he will make me Shakshuka for shabbat. It's these genuine connections with people from all over the world, each with unique perspectives and experiences and different upbringings, that all challenge me to grow and expand my mind. I am hoping I will be able to surround myself with other like-minded individuals who can make me become a better and more productive person. 







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