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My Digital Nomad Journey

October 12, 2017

When I first heard of the term 'Digital Nomad', I was instantly hooked on the lifestyle of constant travel, and building my own ideas up instead of working for others. I instantly knew that is the perfect path for me, as I have quite the entrepreneurial soul, from founding an in-the-moment event discovery app when I was 18, to starting an online clothing retailer, both of which "failed" but were growth-facilitating experiences that I am very thankful for.


Although I long had this passion of becoming a digital nomad, I always had some bogus excuse as to why I couldn't sit down and start my journey. First I used the excuse of being in university full time, while also working. Then I was living in Winnipeg, studying french full time and living in a flat with no WiFi, Then I was living in the Rocky Mountains with, of course, no time with full-time work and excessively hiking on my days off.



No more, I decided, no more excuses! I will set up my life perfectly to facilitate a transition into becoming a digital nomad. I plan to spend a few months living in Chiang Mai, the so called 'Digital Nomad Capital of the World", where a rich community coupled with good infrastructure and shockingly low cost of living make it a great base for digital nomads. I have bought tickets to the Nomad Summit, a conference made by, and for, Digital Nomads. That will be the perfect start on this new journey of location independence, meeting countless other nomads, getting integrated into the community, and learning key skills and strategies to set me up for success!


For now, I am wrapping things up here in Canada. I've been travelling through the country for 7 months now, getting a diverse experience within my own country as my personal way to celebrate our 150th birthday as a nation. I moved from my home, the mega-metropolis of Toronto, to a tiny french town in Quebec, to the flat prairies, to the mountainous Canadian Rockies. While this trip has been memorable and eye-opening (learning french, getting to know our country's native culture and traditions, and living in the most scenic and beautiful region), I'm yearning for a culture shock. Language barriers. New elements of architecture, food, scenery. I need a change.


So here's how my next few months will look like:


October: Spending my last month in Banff, the heart of the Canadian Rockies

November: 2 week adventure through Portugal, followed by 2 weeks back home in Toronto

December: Flying to Hong Kong for a few days, and onwards to Vietnam, where I will backpack from the north to to south of the country as a great first exposure to South East Asia

JanuarySettling in Chiang Mai, and attending the Nomad Summit

FebruaryLiving in Chiang Mai and focusing on bootstrapping my business

March: Moving to the Islands of Koh Lanta and/or Koh Phangan to escape the burning season, get some beach time, and tap into new digital nomad communities at the co-working spaces

April: ??????????????


If you'll be in any of those places, or are also on a similar journey to location independence, don't hesitate to contact me!





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