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About Me

I am a globetrotter who is passionate about connecting with different cultures and understanding life from a different perspective. In 2013, I embarked on a life-changing journey to Barcelona and Amsterdam, where I realized I was living my life wrong. Before this trip, I would spend my money on materialistic possessions: speakers, phones, luxury pens, but the joy brought from my possessions were short-lived, and made me want more. After this trip, I spend most of my money on life-enriching experiences, where I met new people, new cultures, new food, new architecture, and new social + cultural environments

The realization that travel makes me come alive fueled the next 4 years, where I focused my life on experiencing the world. For Canada’s 150th birthday I spent 2 months learning French in a small town in Quebec, 3 months living in Manitoba and learning about native communities, 3 months living in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains and exploring the rugged nature, and 3 months working a corporate job in the heart of Toronto’s financial district. I embarked on a journey around Europe, from Iceland’s bustling geysers to Ukraine’s sandy coast. I backpacked from Ha Long Bay in northern Vietnam all the way to the Mekong Delta River in southern Vietnam. I volunteered on an Awakening and Healing school on a Thai Island. I lived in an Organic Eco Community in India. I attempted to learn how to Surf on Mexico’s pacific coast. I reconnected with my roots on the streets of Minsk in Belarus. 

When people ask me what makes me come alive, the answer lies in connecting with people through shared experiences. For me, solo travel blurs the line between rich and poor, young and old, tourist and traveller. The vulnerability of stepping into the unknown unlocks the magic in my life that I don’t think I can achieve any other way. I live to travel, and I travel to live. The most alive and present I feel is walking in a new country, on a new street, making me hyper-aware of the smells, sights, language, people, noise.

This blog is my way to document some of my experiences, share my sights, and inspire you by showing you deep ends of this world. My goal is to spark adventure.

You can support me and my travels by purchasing products such as framed art or a digital photo on my photography page.