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"a reason for being"



Ikigai is a Japanese concept designed to help you realize your purpose in life. The word "ikigai" roughly translates to means "a reason for being" or "a reason to wake up in the morning".

Ikigai starts with the awareness of four key pillars:

What you love

What you're good at

What the world needs

What you can be paid for

The next step in Ikigai is to connect the answers to find intersections, adding a whole new depth into discovering yourself.


What you love + what you're good at

- - - - -


What you love + what the world needs

- - - - -


What the world needs + what you can be paid for

- - - - -


What you're good at + what you can be paid for

Your ideal life purpose in a perfect world will touch all of the sections, meaning that your purpose is something you love, you're good at, the world needs, and you can get paid for.

The reality is that it's near impossible to get to this on your first try, and might take years of growth, personal development, and self-reflection to reach it. Don't worry if you don't find the central Ikigai that puts everything together.

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