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Alexa Hostel: The perfect hostel for Digital Nomads

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

I've been living in Chiang Mai for a month now, and during my time here I was on the search for the best hostel and workspace in the city. After searching far and wide, I am so happy I came across Alexa Hostel. Located in central Nimman, this hostel is right in the heart of the 'hip' expat and nomad community, minutes away from cafes, restaurants, co-working spaces, and the venues hosting dozens of social meetups happening every week!

Alexa has a great common area with large tables to work from, ultra-fast wifi, and a great bar+cafe serving up affordable grub and drinks. The hostel is modern, well-designed, and has a quiet atmosphere during the days which can become much more social and fun on some nights, especially those where live music happens.

Although Alexa is a hostel, you can choose from standard bunk bed dorms, nicer dorms without bunk beds, or a private room. Their breakfast is great too: fresh croissant, banana, orange juice and yogurt to start your day! They provide water and refill stations, laundry, nice indoor and outdoor spaces to work from or chill out, and a no durian policy in the rooms 😉

nice outdoor space perfect for getting work done!

If you're coming to Chiang Mai and want a nice hostel that's perfect for getting productive, Alexa Hostel is your perfect choice! If you are looking to stay here longer-term, I would still suggest booking a few days here to get a feel for the neighbourhood, and eventually finding an apartment in the area you prefer.

delicious green curry served up by the hostel bar

You can book a room at Alexa Hostel here:

If you are a backpacker and prefer a 'party' environment , you might be better off finding a hostel closer to the Old Town, such as Deejai Backpackers, which is my favorite hostel for that social party vibe.


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