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Easy Tiger Hostel: Authentic Vibes

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

I've spent the past month travelling from the north of Vietnam to the south, and have stayed in dozens of hostels around the country. There's one that really stands out, and that is the Easy Tiger Hostel, located in picturesque Phong Nha. I really love this hostel, and there's something that really stands out and makes this a special place: their values.

Easy Tiger is the situated in such a beautiful spot in Vietnam

Firstly, upon arrival you will get a free 1 hour information session full of tips of where to go, what to see, and what to do. This is offered by the hostel to all travellers staying at all the hostels or hotels in the town!

An incredible cave that can be explored by boat, and then by foot inside

Secondly, they believe in supporting their community. Here you won't find Vietnamese food, tours, motorbike rentals, or anything. Instead they work with the local people to support existing businesses, and indirectly employ over 80 local people. Their restaurant only serves western food, to not take away business from existing restaurants nearby.

Me and my friends about to go on the Phong Nha Cave cruise!

Lastly, booking here isn't as easy as going on HostelWorld or clicking 'book'. The only way to stay here is send them an email and let them know when you're arriving. It's mostly spread by word of mouth!

The nice pool area in the Hostel

Now, about the hostel itself, it's a nice no-frills place room-wise with decent beds, but where this hostel shines is the amazing social atmosphere, and beautiful pool area. The hostel bar acts like a meeting point across backpackers staying at all the hostels, and Easy Tiger is usually the most happening place in Phong Nha!

If you are passing through Phong Nha, look no further and send an email to to get yourself booked in for 180,000VDN per night (about $8). If you aren't making it to Phong Nha on your trip through vietnam, then get your shit together and re-route your trip. This was my favourite spot among my whole Vietnam trip!

Stay tuned for some more hostel reviews through Vietnam, Asia, and the world! You can check out to book your accommodation. Cheers, until next time!


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