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Samesun Banff: Party in the mountains!

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

Banff has a very special place in my heart, all my friends know I can't stop talking about Banff and showing people incredible photos of the mountains! But it isn't just the stunning setting that makes this town special, it's also Samesun Banff that really makes this shine!

Some of the views you find in Banff are among the most picturesque in the world

Samesun is a backpacker's hostel that is nice and cozy, and has an intimate feeling. Staying here is going to make you feel like you're home, as there's a living room, kitchen, and lively bar serving up cheap grub and booze. This is the only hostel I've stayed at long term (over a month), and I truly felt like I was part of a family here.

Banff townsite, with Cascade Mountain roaring in the background

Unlike most hostels, people coming here generally stay for weeks at a time, especially during the snowboard/ski season. This place can nurture and start many long lasting friendships for this reason. There are daily activities such as soaking up in a hot spring, going canoeing on the river, or hiking up a mountain! There are also nightly events at the bar, like karaoke, trivia, and live music. The staff organize something everyday, so you're never bored here! You're also surrounded by literally dozens of hikes with views that will knock your socks off!

This viewpoint ("The Surprise Corner") is a short hike away from the hostel

The dorms are nice, and the fireplaces in most of the rooms are a really nice treat in the winter. The beds squeak, as most hostels, but it's quite rare to find a hostel with bunk beds that don't make noise. I've also visited the other hostels around (HI Banff Alpine Centre, and the Banff International Hostel), and can confidently say that Samesun is the best hostel in town! If you find yourself in Banff, I highly recommend checking out the Samesun Backpacker's Hostel!

Canoeing in nearby Lake Louise


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